Rotrex Technology

How does the Rotrex work?

Key to the Rotrex supercharger’s unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and reliability is its state of the art traction drive technology.

Great speeds and low noise are just some of the advantages of traction drives over traditional gear transmissions. Traction drives transmit power through friction forces between its rolling elements.

The Rotrex patented traction drive uses an elastic annulus with a small pre-span to secure contact between the roller planets and the sun shaft with a reasonable force. The patented “ramp effect” increases efficiency and reliability in the transmission by regulating the torque transfer capability on demand through self-adjusting planet geometry.

To enhance performance, the Rotrex traction drive uses a special traction fluid. These fluids are a new family of synthetic hydrocarbon oils and greases offering a series of unique performance advantages. Developed specially for its use in Rotrex superchargers, the SX100 momentarily increases viscosity under high surface pressure, enhancing the traction drive performance by securing the optimum friction between rolling elements while cooling and protecting the system.

This traction drive combined with the latest technology in centrifugal compression, characterized by high adiabatic efficiency and low noise, gives Rotrex superchargers an exceptional competitive edge over any other forced induction solution.


Rotrex Product Range

Rotrex standard product range consists of the C15, C30 and C38 families. The unique small size of the C15 makes it the most compact supercharger on the market. The C30 and C38 cover the market for larger displacement engines.

C15 – Up to 2 Liter Engine Capacity

  • Less than 50hp to 200hp Engine Output*
  • 201,500 rpm Maximum Impeller Speed
  • 1 : 12.67 Gear Ratio

C30 – 1 Liter to 4.5 Liter Engine Capacity

  • 100hp to 400hp Engine Output*
  • 120,000 rpm Maximum Impeller Speed
  • 1 : 9.49 Gear Ratio

C38 – 3 Liter to 6 Liter Engine Capacity

  • 300hp to 650hp Engine Output*
  • 90,000 rpm Maximum Impeller Speed
  • 1 : 7.5 Gear Ratio

*power output is a general guideline, achieved power is application dependent.


The Rotrex Oiling System

The Rotrex supercharger has a dedicated traction oil circuit which ensures both lubrication, cooling and actual torque transfer.

Oil is being circulated by the internal oil pump through the traction drive and the external oil circuit. Applied in the generic case, the standard oil set consists of an oil canister, cooler, filter, hoses and fittings.


Rotrex A/S

Rotrex A/S is a technology driven company focused on providing leading solutions for the forced induction systems market. Rotrex develops and manufactures superchargers based on patented traction technology. Rotrex’s ambition is to keep developing leading forced induction solutions through constant innovation and based on the very highest quality standards.

Rotrex headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit for more information on their technology.