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NEW PRODUCT: GR Corolla Oil Cooler Kit

FOR RELEASE May 13, 2024
Contact: Jackson Racing Sales Team: [email protected] Tel: 909-927-8500

Key Points:

  • Plug-and-play solution
  • CSF Race Spec core
  • Maintain engine performance
  • Track tested for reliability
  • Keeps oil below 240ºF in extreme conditions
  • Thermostatic oil adapter for proper engine warm-up

GR Corolla Oil Cooler Kit – CLICK TO ORDER

Chino, California (May 13, 2024) – The championship-winning performance experts at Jackson Racing are proud to announce their new Engine Oil Cooler Kit for the 2023+ Toyota GR Corolla is now available starting at $799USD.

An engine oil cooler is a must-have for any track or hot-climate vehicle. The GR Corolla can see oil temperatures spike to dangerous levels when running hard, accelerating oil breakdown and lowering vehicle performance. Adding a Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Kit to your GR Corolla will help keep temperatures in check, maintain performance, and extend engine oil life. Building off the success of the championship-winning Jackson Racing cooling solutions for the 86 platform of the past decade, the GR Corolla Engine Oil Cooler Kit brings optimal oil cooling to the G16E-GTS engine.

The included CSF Race Spec core was developed specifically for the JR GR Corolla application. Jackson Racing asked manufacturing partners CSF to maximize cooling efficiency in a tight space, and the result is a compact core that can carry itself. Through the help of CAD modeling, we were able to place the core and maximize the available area in the fender. Punching well above its weight, this robust 10-row core exceeds heat transfer tests of traditional 34-row oil cooler cores, all while keeping pressure drop to a minimum.

The Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter included in each kit is a proprietary JR design giving customers more adjustability. The JR adapter features socket relief for easy filter screw installation and a proper Viton O-ring design to keep the surface seal tight. With four M22 oil ports, customers looking for an additional sensor port for datalogging can option in 1/8” NPT M22 sensor port plugs. The JR Oil Cooler Adapter also features a built-in thermostat to aid in oil warm-up times. All adapters come in a titanium grey anodized finish and are manufactured in the USA.

The Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit uses CAD-developed, US-made, stainless-steel chassis mounting brackets for extra safety, using factory-mounting locations with no drilling/cutting needed. Rubber isolators on the oil cooler core keep the vibration down. The side mount orientation allows compatibility with the large JRxCSF stepped intercooler kit and takes advantage of a large air pocket area for the core.

All included oil lines are pre-made at Jackson Racing to the proper lengths and the kit comes ready to install. Installation instructions are available on

As always, 45+ years of championship-winning design and function are key to Jackson Racing products. So owners can attack the corners and never worry about losing power and performance. Proper core design, innovative features, and overall better performance. Stay cool with the GR Corolla Oil Cooler Kit!

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