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NEW PRODUCT: JR x CSF GR Corolla Intercooler Kit

FOR RELEASE March 27, 2024
Contact: Jackson Racing Sales Team: Tel: 909-927-8500

Key Points:

  • 90+ºF more temperature drop vs OEM
  • More stable outlet temperatures vs OEM
  • Unique CSF “stepped core” design
  • Lightweight tube and fin core
  • 2” cast aluminum inlet and outlet end tanks
  • Includes transition hoses and clamps
  • Manufactured by CSF
  • Available in Silver and Black

GR Corolla Intercooler Kit – CLICK TO ORDER

Chino, California (March 27, 2024) – Jackson Racing and CSF have partnered to develop a line of GR Corolla cooling components. Our first GR Corolla product from the partnership is the GR Corolla Intercooler Kit.

Cooling the intake air temperature on turbo vehicles is critical to maximizing performance, whether you’re on your favorite back road or going flat out on the racetrack. Intercooler efficiency is also important to maintain vehicle performance throughout your drive session.

With a tight front bumper area, the GR Corolla gave us a packaging challenge. After 3D scanning and developing initial prototypes in CAD, we started fine-tuning with prototypes on the car to see where we could gain valuable real estate. We realized we could take advantage of OEM ducting, giving us the ability to do a stepped core that receives frontal air. By co-developing with CSF, we could leverage their top-notch manufacturing capabilities to get a premium product with a stepped tube and fin core designed specifically for the GR Corolla.

The use of a tube and fin core is an important feature in the Jackson Racing x CSF Intercooler kit. Tube and fin cores are lightweight when compared to common bar and plate cores. The lightweight helps keep excess nose weight off the car, keeping the nimble GR Corolla handling characteristics owners love.

The next challenge was adding big HP headroom for racers. From the start, the JR x CSF intercooler was designed with 2” inlet and outlets on the core to allow for upgradeability on high HP builds. For OEM+ installations, we include race-grade transition hoses and clamps that fit with the OEM tubing.

We are excited to have this new product out to enthusiasts and bring the best to the GR Corolla platform. We look forward to seeing you at the track!


• 90+ºF more temperature drop vs OEM
• Lower temperature rise vs OEM
• Improved resistance to heat soak
• Increased efficiency across the RPM range

The OEM intercooler was run first to check the heat soak temperatures. You can see the OEM intercooler reaches heat soak quickly. Also, the OEM intercooler is only able to shed about 150ºF of temperature in total.

Next, we ran the Jackson Racing x CSF Intercooler. The JR x CSF intercooler sheds 240+ºF of temperature and takes significantly longer to get to heat soak.

Cooler temperatures, improved temperature resistance, and overall better performance. It’s all here with the JR x CSF intercooler!

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