Rotrex C38R Pre-Order



When it comes to horsepower, the bar is constantly being raised both in the OE sector but also aftermarket performance. As a natural consequence, a common request has been and still is; “a bigger supercharger”. Rotrex has over the past year been working on an upgraded version of the C38 size supercharger to meet this demand and has now reached a great milestone.

The outcome is the C38R – nearly identical size as a C38, but made for a higher power transfer and can support applications ranging up to 8 – 900 hp for a single charger setup! Current prototype impeller trim achieves more than 0.8 kg/s (105 lbs/min) and pressure ratio above 3.0! Final compressor performance will be revealed later. The design has passed automotive standards for SAE testing, similar to our standard range of C – Range superchargers.

As we are well aware that a lot of work has gone into design of applications supporting the C38 size supercharger, the new C38R has been made for a direct retrofit with identical mount dimensioning. This means that customers already using the C38 will be able to upgrade to a C38R and gain up to 30% more power. Due to the higher power level, the input has been completely redesigned and can allow up to 12 rib poly – V profile belts, enabling a high level of system durability.

The next milestone ahead is actual production of the C38R and bringing it to the market. Pre-order today to help bring this fantastic addition to the Rotrex line!

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Race Report: 2017 SCCA Majors Buttonwillow Raceway Park

The 2017 SCCA Majors at Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Chino, California (May 1, 2017) – Jackson Racing headed to Buttonwillow Raceway Park for the SCCA Super Tour.

Buttonwillow, CA home to Buttonwillow Raceway Park, was the set of the 2nd West Coast Super Tour event. The Jackson Racing team came into the event with back to back victories at the previous two races. The T4 class is one of the bigger classes, which means lots of competition and well prepped cars.

Qualifying began on Saturday morning, and Oscar Jackson Jr. quickly set out to turn laps. The car was performing well and was able to qualify with a time that set pole, thanks to the BFGoodrich R1-S tires.

It was a hot day out, but thanks to the Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler, the FR-S’ oil and water temps stayed cool during the quick pace Oscar Jr. was setting. Fast lap times and consistent driving led to a First Place Finish!

Oscar Jr. Started from pole gain on Sunday as the green flag waved. Focusing on clean laps, Oscar Jr. was able to stay at the front, and although he ran into some out of class traffic, was able to get around cleanly and take the checkered flag!

Jackson Racing will take the rest of the racing season off in preparation to defend the T4 National Championship at the Indy SCCA Runoffs.