Rotrex C38R Pre-Order



When it comes to horsepower, the bar is constantly being raised both in the OE sector but also aftermarket performance. As a natural consequence, a common request has been and still is; “a bigger supercharger”. Rotrex has over the past year been working on an upgraded version of the C38 size supercharger to meet this demand and has now reached a great milestone.

The outcome is the C38R – nearly identical size as a C38, but made for a higher power transfer and can support applications ranging up to 8 – 900 hp for a single charger setup! Current prototype impeller trim achieves more than 0.8 kg/s (105 lbs/min) and pressure ratio above 3.0! Final compressor performance will be revealed later. The design has passed automotive standards for SAE testing, similar to our standard range of C – Range superchargers.

As we are well aware that a lot of work has gone into design of applications supporting the C38 size supercharger, the new C38R has been made for a direct retrofit with identical mount dimensioning. This means that customers already using the C38 will be able to upgrade to a C38R and gain up to 30% more power. Due to the higher power level, the input has been completely redesigned and can allow up to 12 rib poly – V profile belts, enabling a high level of system durability.

The next milestone ahead is actual production of the C38R and bringing it to the market. Pre-order today to help bring this fantastic addition to the Rotrex line!

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2017 SCCA Runoffs Qualifying

2017 SCCA Qualifying

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 28, 2017) Courtesy Four days of qualifying wrapped up Thursday evening at the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  As such, there are now 28 Tire Rack Pole Award winners who will lead their respective classes to the green flag over the next three days as nearly 1,000 competitors do their best to claim victory on the 15-turn, 2.592-mile road circuit. Oscar Jackson, piloting a Jackson Racing/BFGoodrich Toyota 86, had the fastest times all week in Touring 4, claiming his second Tire Rack Pole Award.

      -Touring 4: Oscar Jackson; Chino, CA; Toyota 86; 1:56.566


Photo Credit: Jay Bonvouloir