Jackson Racing FAQs

Q: Does Jackson Racing have a supercharger system for my vehicle?
A: Check our Products pages to see if a system is available for your vehicle.

Q: Jackson Racing does not have a supercharger system for my vehicle. What are my options?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have supercharger applications for every vehicle. If we do not have a supercharger system for your vehicle, please search for Rotrex supercharger kits that fit your application. We work with Kit Builders around the world to develop supercharger systems for all types of vehicles (Porsche, MINI, etc.). If an application does not exist and you are interested in building a custom Rotrex system, we can help. Contact us for assistance in Rotrex unit sizing, Rotrex ordering, and finding the required pieces to complete your build.

Q: How does the Rotrex Supercharger work?
A: The Rotrex Supercharger are based on a patented high-speed planetary traction drive system. The drive system is comprised of an annulus, three rollers, and a center shaft to the compressor. The patented “ramp effect” in the traction drive increases efficiency and reliability in the drive by regulating the torque transfer capability on demand through the self-adjusting planetary rollers.

Q: Do I have to maintain the Rotrex supercharger?
A: The Rotrex supercharger is a sealed unit that requires no internal maintenance. Because the Rotrex supercharger has its own oiling system, you should check the Rotrex oil reservoir periodically to ensure proper oil levels. The Rotrex oil should be changed every 2 years/50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Feel free to change the Rotrex oil more often, depending on use. Also, be sure to inspect the supercharger drive belt, as you should any drive belt, at every engine oil change.

Q: What type of oil does the Rotrex supercharger use?
A: The Rotrex uses a unique traction fluid called Rotrex SX150. Rotrex SX150 works by momentarily increasing viscosity under high surface pressure, enhancing the traction drive performance by securing the optimum friction between rolling elements while cooling and protecting the system. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF OIL IN YOUR ROTREX. The Rotrex pumps the SX150 oil on its own and does not use any engine oil, so there is no need to tap your oil pan. The Rotrex SX150 traction fluid is available from Jackson Racing.

Q: How much is a Jackson Racing supercharger system? 
A: Prices vary depending on the application. To check availability and pricing for your vehicle, check out our product pages.

Q: How much horsepower will my Jackson Racing supercharger kit make?
A: Jackson Racing manufactures supercharger systems for many types of vehicles. Check the dyno results for your particular application on the product pages. Variations in engine condition, aftermarket add-ons, optional equipment, installation, etc. can alter power figures. Your dyno results may vary.

Q: What kind of 0-60 and 1/4 mile times will my car do?
A: With so many applications and variations in setup, it is impossible to give an absolute answer. Even the factory magazine tests vary by quite a bit. This can change depending on the driver and terrain.

Q: Will the Jackson Racing supercharger system void my factory warranty?
A: Your vehicle warranty cannot be denied because a modification to the vehicle has been made. This would make even a wheel/tire change a warranty problem. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to prove that any modification was the cause of a failure. Some dealerships are more performance-oriented and willing to work with customers’ modifications. Consult with your local dealership regarding their warranty process. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Q: Do Jackson Racing supercharger systems come with some type of warranty?
A: Yes. Jackson Racing Rotrex supercharger systems carry a 1-year warranty on the Rotrex supercharger unit and a 1-year warranty on the Jackson Racing components. Rotrex offers an add-on warranty extension for a total of 3 years. Call or email to find out more about how to extend your Rotrex unit warranty. Jackson Racing Warranty documentation can be found here: Jackson Racing Warranty Information

Q: How does the supercharger system affect the engine life?
A: Engine life will not be affected by the addition of a Jackson Racing supercharger system. With proper engine care and maintenance, engine life shouldn’t be greatly affected.

Q: How will my fuel mileage be affected with the addition of a Jackson Racing supercharger system?
A: Actually, we usually see highway mileage maintained with our systems. Fuel economy is largely based on your closed-loop fuel control, which is based on rpm and load. It doesn’t matter if you have stock 185cc injectors or 800cc injectors, your highway fuel economy is based on your closed-loop fuel control, injector efficiency, and your volumetric efficiency (VE). Our supercharger systems use a bypass valve, which allows the engine to run without seeing any boost until you have a high load condition (i.e. deep in the throttle). So highway cruise conditions keep the engine in closed-loop control. Once you hit the throttle and your engine sees boost, the car goes into open loop. If you want to make a pass in a stock naturally aspirated car, you must drop a gear or two. This gets the car up in the rev range, but these higher revs use fuel and you are at 100% throttle position using the maximum amount of fuel. Once you make the pass, you will notice you were at full throttle, high rpm, for a long period of time. Now, if you have increased your engines power by 40+%, (improved VE) you will be able to stay in high gear, and pass by going only part throttle at a much lower rpm, and do it at a quicker rate. Once you are back to cruise speed the bypass valve re-opens, and you are at the stock vehicle’s cruise efficiency. If you are driving “spirited”, your outcome will be different. Most drivers will see a small drop in city, mainly due to having more fun with the supercharger installed. It is harder to avoid having fun than you think.

Q: Do I need to buy additional parts for my Jackson Racing system?
A: No! There are absolutely no additional parts required! Everything is included in a Jackson Racing supercharger system.

Q: Jackson Racing used to have a supercharger system for my vehicle, but it is not on the website. What happened? Where did it go?
A: All Jackson Racing Eaton supercharger kits are handled through Moss Motors. Moss Motors continues to have the rights to the old Jackson Racing kits. If you own an older Jackson Racing kit with an Eaton supercharger unit, please contact Moss Motors for assistance.

Q: I bought a “Jackson Racing” supercharger kit for my 2006-2011 Civic Si. Why is it not on JacksonRacing.com?
A: Jackson Racing never made a 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si supercharger kit. The “Jackson Racing” supercharger kit that you purchased is actually a Moss Motors supercharger kit. The Moss design is similar to our original Jackson Racing RSX kit design from the early 00’s and uses the Jackson Racing designed JR62 Eaton supercharger unit. The JR62 unit has our old “JR” logo cast into the unit case. This causes much of the confusion. Please contact Moss Motors for assistance with these kits.

Q: Will I need a thicker head gasket/engine build for my vehicle because of the additional boost?
A: No. An engine build is not required with most Jackson Racing supercharger systems.

Q: Will I be able to install a Jackson Racing supercharger system?
A: Jackson Racing supercharger systems are designed for easy installation and all systems come with detailed, color installation manual. Jackson Racing kits require anywhere from 3-8 hours of installation time, depending on the system and installer. Copies of our installation manuals are available on our Support page. If you think you cannot complete the installation of your Jackson Racing system, that’s ok. Contact your automotive dealer or local performance shop to get an estimate. Our installation dealer network is constantly growing, so please check our Dealers page when available.

Q: What type of fuel is required with a Jackson Racing supercharger system?
A: Jackson Racing supercharger systems require a minimum of 91 octane fuel. This octane rating is according to the (R+M)/2 standard. We recommend high-quality Top Tier gasoline for your supercharged vehicle.

Q: Does a Header and/or Test Pipe help the Supercharger system?
A: Header/Test Pipe can help the engine breathe better, and increase power depending on the application. But when adding a header and/or test pipe, you MUST ensure your engine tuning will support the upgrade. Also, test pipes are designed for Closed Course Competition Use Only, and are not for public highway use in any state. It is important to note that headers and test pipes do not always yield positive results. If you are not sure if your system will support such an upgrade, feel free to contact Jackson Racing about what upgrades each kit will support.

Q: What additional parts could I put on to help my Jackson Racing-powered vehicle?
A: No additional parts are required when installing a Jackson Racing supercharger system. However, if you are seeking the best performance/safety, we recommend using an upgraded engine oil cooler. On an automatic transmission/CVT vehicle, we always recommend the addition of a transmission oil cooler.

Q: Are additional gauges required with a Jackson Racing kit?
A: Jackson Racing supercharger systems do not require the use of additional gauges. A vacuum/boost gauge will not hurt the system and can be great for additional information.

Q: Do I have to install a turbo timer to cool the system off after it is run hard?
A: Turbo timers are not needed. The Rotrex supercharger has its own oiling system, which doesn’t require the cool-down time.