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HOT LAP: Ride Along in our NA GR86

The Jackson Racing Difference: Baseline Testing

Before we go into supercharger development, we go through a lot of testing of the base car. We analyze what the car can and can’t do, and make base vehicle improvements. Using our history and knowledge from the Gen 1 86/BRZ, we started with a good baseline setup for the shop GR86 and headed to Buttonwillow 13CW.

Date: November 25, 2022
Driver: Oscar Jackson Jr.
Car: 2022 Toyota GR86
Time: 1:57.6

Stock FA24 Engine
Jackson Racing Track Oil Cooler Kit
Jackson Racing Anti-Dive Kit
Shaftworks Bilanx Single Adjustable Suspension
CSGSpec Brake Pads
Torco SR5 0w20 Engine Oil
949 Racing 17×8 wheels
225/45-17 Bridgestone RE71RS