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Jackson Racing Goes Stock Car Racing!


Jackson Racing Announces New Entry For Cup Series

Chino, California (April 1st, 2015) – The championship-winning performance experts at Jackson Racing are proud to announce their future entry into stock car racing, the all new DOHC iVTEC powered Civic Type R stock car! Featuring an all new DOHC iVTEC V8 making all the horsepowers, the K58A engine has already proven to be strong and reliable while getting optimal fuel economy.

Initial tests have been done with the car in Southern California, with more testing being completed on the high banks of Motegi and Tsukuba. A final test will be done at Buttonwillow CW13 to confirm settings.

This car is expected to stir things up at the top of the Cup Series! Follow Jackson Racing for future updates!

April Fools!

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