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Jackson Racing JRSC FR-S/BRZ Engine Oil Cooler Kit Released


Jackson Racing releases their Engine Oil Cooler Kit for
JR Supercharged 2013+ Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

Yorba Linda, California (March 3rd, 2014) – The championship-winning performance experts at Jackson Racing are proud to announce their new Engine Oil Cooler Kit for the Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ is now available from $697.45USD.

An engine oil cooler is a must have for any track or hot climate vehicle. The FA20 engine in the FR-S/BRZ is a finely tuned high compression engine and engine oil temperatures can spike to dangerous levels even on stock cars.

The Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit was developed in-house and designed to bring optimal oil cooling to Jackson Racing supercharged FA20 engines. This kit has been put to the test on the street and track on the Jackson Racing FR-S test mule for thousands of miles, in the cold and the heat. The Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit not only had to hold up to day to day driving, but also 100ºF track use by championship-winning racing drivers. We are proud to say this system works flawlessly, keeping oil temperatures below 240ºF on track, thus maintaining engine performance throughout on-track sessions.

The Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit utilizes the same quality engineered mounting system developed for the Jackson Racing supercharger system and uses factory-mounting locations, with no drilling/cutting needed. The Dual Oil Cooler mount system locates the Rotrex oil cooler and engine oil cooler side by side behind the Jackson Racing intercooler, integrating seamlessly with the Jackson Racing supercharger system.

Key Points:
• Keep oil temperatures below 240ºF in the most extreme conditions
• Thermostatic Oil Adapter allows for proper engine oil warm up when cold
• Helps maintain engine performance
• Heavily street and track tested to ensure reliability


Jackson Racing Dual Oil Cooler Bracket
• Locates Engine Oil and Rotrex Oil Coolers
• Mounts using Factory Locations
• No Drilling/Cutting
• Powder Coated to Resist Corrosion

Setrab 15 Row Oil Cooler
• Designed to Provide Cooling Support for Forced Induction Applications
• Unique Internal Design for Improved Oil Cooling Capability
• Factory Pressure Tested to 10bar
• Black Epoxy Finish to Resist Corrosion

Thermostatic Oil Cooler Adapter
• Integrated 185ºF Thermostat
• Includes Black Anodized Jackson Racing Adapter Spacer

-10AN Oil Cooler Lines
• Pre-Assembled at Jackson Racing
• Aeroquip OE Quality Oil Hose
• Direct Oil Cooler Installation with Full Float Hose Fittings

Rotrex Oil Hose Extension Kit
• Allows for Rotrex Oil Cooler Relocation

High Quality Metric Fasteners & Hardware

Industry Leading Customer Service & Support
• 35 Years of Proven Performance
• Full Color Installation Manual

Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit – JRSC Version: $697.45


Q: Is this compatible with my naturally aspirated FR-S/BRZ?
A: This Engine Oil Cooler Kit is specifically designed for use with the Jackson Racing Supercharger System. We will be releasing a Naturally Aspirated version of our Engine Oil Cooler Kit shortly.

Q: Do I need to add more engine oil with the oil cooler kit?
A: Yes, an additional quart of engine oil is required when installing the Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Kit.

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Race Review: 2012 Racing Recap

Oscar Jr. piloting the Team CRE Catfish in the early morning hours of the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill.
Oscar Jr. piloting the Team CRE Catfish in the early morning hours of the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

2012 was again a very busy year of racing for the “Jackson’s”. Racing has always been and always will be a part of the DNA here at Jackson Racing. Whether it’s Oscar Sr., Oscar Jr., Landon, or Spencer; one of us or a combination of us are racing to perfect our product and certify that “we race what we sell”.

SCCA Nationals 2012
Oscar Jr. was very busy in 2012 so finding time to get his SCCA National Championship races in to qualify for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs proved to be a challenge. Because of scheduling conflicts Oscar Jr. missed both of the local SCCA National events at Buttonwillow Raceway and California Speedway and had to travel to Portland International Raceway in July and to Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, Utah in August to get his needed points and races completed.

Oscar Jr. seems to adapt to new tracks pretty quickly and it showed at the July 13-16, 2012 race at PIR by setting a time quick enough for Pole Position in the Super Touring Lites (STL) class and finished the weekend with wins on both days of the Double National event.

Three short weeks later Oscar Jr. was on his way to the lovely Miller Motorsports Park for another SCCA Double National event. Miller Motorsports Park is a World Class facility with excellent garages and a very challenging racecourse layout. When you add the 100ºF temperatures common in August to the challenging layout and 40 other screaming cars all vying for the same piece of tarmac going into the first turn the outcome doesn’t always turn out good. Fortunately for Oscar Jr. he easily navigated his way to the front, and scored two wins and two new track records over the weekend in the tough summer heat. Combined with his double wins at the Portland round, Oscar Jr. was awarded the SCCA Divisional Championship for 2012.

Unfortunately the SCCA decided to demote the fresh STL class to an “Exhibition Class” for 2012 just weeks before the Runoffs, which would make it a Non-National Championship race. We decided it was not a wise decision to make the trek back to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin to compete in a class that didn’t award the National Championship. Oscar Jr. had a good, if very quick, year of SCCA Racing and came away with the Divisional Championship. Maybe this year he can go all the way and win the big one!

SuperStreet Magazine FF Battle 2012
Each year SuperStreet Magazine invites some of the best tuners of front drive Honda’s to compete in their FF Battle Championship. This year Oscar Jr. was hired by Sportcar Motion to drive their Honda CR-Z with a K20 engine swap. Sportcar Motion did an extremely gorgeous engine swap on the car and it looked like Oscar Jr., the 2011 FF Battle Champion, had a chance to repeat as champion in 2012. Unfortunately some wiring issues kept turning on the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) in mid-corner and kept the little CRZ from it’s full potential.

AMA Endurocross Series
Like his father, Oscar Jr. is a very good motorcycle racer as well as a great car racer and will jump at any opportunity to race a motorcycle or a car. Enter the new sport of Endurocross and Oscar Jr. was hooked. Endurocross is a motorcycle race held inside sports arenas with huge obstacles like logs, boulders, sand and water crossings. Riders compete on motocross bikes that have been highly modified to be able to conquer these extreme obstacles. Oscar Jr. had a great season learning this new sport on a new machine and is looking forward to competing again in 2013.

Oscar Sr. about to head down the salt in the twin Rotrex supercharged Hondata/Jackson Racing Acura RSX
Oscar Sr. about to head down the salt in the twin Rotrex supercharged Hondata/Jackson Racing Acura RSX

Bonneville Salt Flats Land Speed Racing
The third week of August every year is the date for the worlds fastest cars and motorcycles to test their engineering against the laws of physics at the great Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah. Jackson Racing was again teamed up with Hondata in an attempt to capture even more World Records just as they have since 2008. But this year things were different. Doug Macmillan of Hondata decided it was time that Oscar Sr. see what two Jackson Racing/Rotrex superchargers on a K20 engine and 800whp felt like at 200+mph. So this year Oscar Sr. climbed into a borrowed Bonneville legal driving suit and went out and drove to 198mph to receive his unlimited Bonneville racing license. The Hondata/Jackson Racing Acura RSX already holds numerous speed records and has gone through the speed traps at over 236mph, but for licensing purposes Oscar Sr. wasn’t allowed to go over 200mph during his license runs. And although any speed over 175mph but less than 200mph would have qualified him for his unlimited license, the racer in him pushed the envelope to reach a speed of 198.84mph! Oscar Sr. proved there is still a lot of Racer left in him and he still wants to race what he sells even if it means driving at 200+ mph!

The NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Endurance Race
The 25 Hours of Thunderhill is the longest race in North America, and is now legendary in road racing ranks as among the toughest, most challenging endurance races in the world. It is the greatest challenge to man and machine that you can imagine. Drivers are pushed hard for up to 5 hours at a time; the crew deals with a lack of sleep as they have to be ready for a pit stop at any moment during the entire 25 hours of racing and the Crew Chief has to endure the entire race with no rest whatsoever. In 2011 Oscar Jr. drove and Oscar Sr. was Crew Chief to the rookie team from 949 Racing and brought them a commanding win in their first attempt.

For 2012 Oscar Jr. and Oscar Sr. teamed up with AIM Tires to campaign a brand new “kit car” called the Catfish under the new Team CRE/Jackson Racing/Achilles Tire banner. The Catfish is a tube frame racing chassis with a flowing fiberglass body powered by a stock 1999 Mazda Miata engine, transmission and differential. Although the car only had 140whp it was very light, nimble, went hours on a single tank of fuel. The new Achilles racing tires that were being used for the first time proved unstoppable and provided excellent grip deep into a long driving stint. Because this is a purpose built car and not a production car it was required to run in the Unlimited ESR class against ultra-fast Radicals, LeMan type cars like the Norma, and other exotic racecars. When the checkered flag finally fell, the Team CRE/Jackson Racing/Achilles Tire Catfish CB01-R had finished a very respectable 3rd place in its first outing. For 2013 Team CRE/Jackson Racing/Achilles Tire will be racing the entire WERC Championship and the 2013 25 Hours of Thunderhill. We look forward to another dominant season as we smooth out the rough edges of this great new car and vie for the WERC Championship and a win in the prestigious 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

2013 will be another action packed year for us at the racetrack! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to receive all the track updates!

-Jackson Racing Team

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Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System Released

Jackson Racing releases their new supercharger system for US MT Honda CR-Z

Yorba Linda, California (August 1, 2012) – World leading Honda Supercharger experts Jackson Racing are proud to announce their next generation supercharger system for the Honda CR-Z is now available from $3995USD. The power and torque delivery of the Jackson Racing CR-Z is perfectly balanced with the Honda IMA hybrid system to provide a smooth, strong and sporty power delivery that will make you fall in love with your Honda again. The supercharger kit delivers an additional 50 horsepower and 45ft-lbs of torque, an impressive 40% increase in horsepower and 38% increase in torque. All while maintaining the excellent fuel economy expected from the CR-Z Hybrid.

The Jackson Racing CR-Z supercharger system has been through extensive durability testing to ensure factory drivability is retained, while giving a substantial boost in performance. This testing includes track time by seasoned drivers, taking the car and supercharger system to the limit. The Jackson Racing CR-Z attended Super Lap Battle 2011, and on its first try broke the previous Hybrid record by almost 6 seconds.

“We realize that performance tuning for the next generation of Hondas requires maintaining excellent fuel economy and adapting to new technologies,” said Oscar Jackson Sr., President and Chief Engineer of Jackson Racing. “The Jackson Racing CR-Z supercharger system embodies the best of our 30+ years of experience in building quality performance upgrades for Honda and Acura automobiles.”

Key Points:
• An additional 50 hp and 45 ft-lbs torque
• Maintains excellent fuel economy when driven normally
• Restores the performance “Honda” engine feel
• Works in harmony with Honda’s IMA hybrid system

System Includes:
• Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger
• Jackson Racing Precision CNC-machined Components
• Jackson Racing Belt Drive and Tensioning System
• Jackson Racing Intercooler System
 w/ Aluminum Piping
• High Quality Metric Fasteners and Hardware
• Color Installation Manual
• Industry Leading Customer Service and Support

Pricing and Availability:

Tune It Yourself (TIY) Kit – $3995
– 8 PSI Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System
– Engine Management Not Included

Factory Tuned System – $4495
– 8 PSI Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System
– Hondata ECU Reflash (Shipping Included)
– High Flow Fuel Injectors

FlashPro Tuner System – $4995
– 8 PSI Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System
– Hondata FlashPro
– Jackson Racing CR-Z FlashPro Calibration
– High Flow Fuel Injectors

The TIY kit is ideal if you already have engine management and want to do your own tuning.

The Factory Tuned system is our plug-n-play system. This system provides the same power and drivability as the Tuner kit without the added expense of the FlashPro tuning solution or hassle of flashing the ECU yourself. Install and enjoy.

The FlashPro Tuner system includes the Hondata FlashPro and the Jackson Racing CR-Z calibration. This system is ideal if you are looking for the data-rich features of FlashPro, and to learn more about your CR-Z.

More product details for the Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System are available online at: 
CR-Z Supercharger System | Jackson Racing

Q: Will I need a clutch upgrade?
A: The Jackson Racing CR-Z has done over 30,000 miles including several track days all using the stock clutch. If you have an aggressive style of driving we would recommend a clutch upgrade.

Q: Is the kit available outside the USA?
A: Yes, the FlashPro Tuner system is available for international customers. Visit FlashPro CR-Z to view the supported ECUs.

Q: Will my CR-Z pass emissions?
A: The CR-Z is an Advanced Technology-Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV), which is the cleanest gasoline engine standard. With 8 months of solid emissions lab testing, we have worked really hard to bring an emissions certified product to the CR-Z. We are happy to report, we have completed and passed all emissions lab testing and we are currently awaiting approval from California Air Resources Board.

Q: Will I be able to adjust and custom tune the Jackson Racing FlashPro calibration?
A: The calibration provided by Jackson Racing with the FlashPro cannot be modified.

Q: Will performance upgrades be available for the Jackson Racing systems?
A: Yes, performance upgrades are currently being tested and will be available.