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Jackson Racing Honda S2000 Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler


Jackson Racing Honda S2000
Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler

Jackson Racing and CSF team up to create
All-In-One S2000 cooling solution

Chino, California (August 9th, 2016) – The championship-winning performance experts at Jackson Racing are proud to announce the release of their newest product from their CSF manufacturing partnership, the Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler for the Honda S2000. The Honda S2000 version is now available for $895.00USD.

An engine oil cooler is a must have for high performance vehicles. The F20C/F22C engines in the Honda S2000 are finely tuned high compression engines, known for their all out performance and high revving characteristics. Engine oil temperatures can spike to dangerous levels during high performance driving and track duty, lowering the performance of the engine oil and compromising the safety of the engine. Whether it’s on a favorite back road or the racing circuit, the need for additional oil cooling on the F20C/F22C is an absolute must.

The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler was developed in conjunction with manufacturing partner CSF Radiators to be the ultimate solution for Honda S2000 Street and Track enthusiasts. Jackson Racing and CSF are proud to bring a true “drop in” all-aluminum high performance radiator with built in oil cooler for the S2000 platform. No trimming or cutting needed and installs with all OEM components. The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler includes all necessary components for engine oil connections for a true plug and play solution.

The radiator features a 42mm CSF B-Tube core, with over a 200% increase in cooling surface area. The CSF B-Tube technology boosts surface area by 15% vs standard oval tube cores. The integrated liquid to oil cooler features 10AN fittings for proper flow to and from the engine.

The entire system has been put to the test on a Jackson Racing S2000 test mule in all types of conditions. We are proud to say this system works flawlessly, keeping oil temperatures within a 30ºF temperature delta of the coolant, thus maintaining consistent engine performance. Thanks to the large liquid to oil cooler, engine oil is kept at the proper operating temperatures in all environments, whether it is cold startup or a hot day at the track.

Key Points:

  • Increased Cooling Capacity
  • Integrated Liquid to Oil Cooler
  • True Plug and Play Solution
  • Consistent Oil Temperatures
  • Heavily Tested


  • 42mm CSF Racing Radiator Core
    – 200% increase in cooling surface area vs OEM
    – CSF Exclusive B-Tube Technology
    – 15% more surface area with CSF B-Tube vs standard oval tube
    – Multi-louvered fin with more surface area contact between the tubes & fins for better heat transfer efficiency
    – Factory tested
  • Integrated Liquid to Oil Cooler
    – Maintains 30ºF temperature delta with coolant
    – Thermostatically controlled via cooling system
    – Brings proper oil cooling for Street and Track enthusiasts
  • Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter
    – Engine Oil Cooler Adapter with -10AN Fittings
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines
    – Pre-Assembled at Jackson Racing
    – Aeroquip OE Quality Oil Hose
  • Hand Polished For Mirror Finish
  • Jackson Racing 1.4bar High Pressure Cap Included
  • Industry Leading Customer Service & Support
    – 35+ Years of Proven Performance
    – Installation Manual

Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler: $895USD


Q: Do I need to add more engine oil with the oil cooler kit?

A: Yes, an additional 0.5 quart of engine oil is required when installing the Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler.


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17inch 949Racing 6UL Wheels Now Available

Chino, California (January 18, 2015) – 17in 949Racing 6UL Wheels now shipping from Jackson Racing

The 6UL is one of the most trusted track wheels in the Miata and Honda community, and now it is available for your FR-S/BRZ, S2000, WRX, NC & ND MX-5 and 2006+ Civic. Offsets for each application were specifically chosen to improve fitment and performance.

The latest generation 949 Racing 6UL wheel features the same great style of all previous 6UL’s and features a flow formed outer rim barrel for a better strength to weight ratio and lower rotational movement. The entire wheel was redesigned from ground up to further enhance controlled dissipation of loads and increase fatigue life.

Tungsten 5

Silver 5

Charcoal 5

Bronze 5

• 17×8 +40 Offset 16.1lbs
• 17×9 +40 Offset 17.4lbs
• 5×100

• 17×9 +48 Offset 17.4lbs
• 5×100

• 17×9 +55 Offset 17.4lbs
• 17×10 +52 Offset 18lbs
• 5×114.3

NC MX-5/Civic
• 17×8 +48 Offset 16.1lbs
• 17×9 +48 Offset 17.4lbs
• 5×114.3

• 17×8 +45 Offset 14.8lbs
• 17×9 +45 Offset 15.5lbs
• 4×100

Available Finish: Bronze, Charcoal, Silver, Tungsten

Starting at $219.00

• Low Pressure Cast – Flow Formed – Monoblock Construction
• T6 Heat Treated
• VIA Certified
• JWL Approved
• Double Valve Design
• Painted, Clear Coated Finish
• Center Cap Included
• Valves NOT Included







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In Development: 17″ 949Racing 6UL Wheels


We are happy to announce we will now be carrying 949Racing 6UL wheels, starting with the release of the new 17″ 6UL!

Also, we have been working closely with 949Racing on the new 17″ FR-S/BRZ fitment to ensure compatibility.

The 17″ 6UL is low pressure cast and features a flow formed outer rim for a better strength to weight ratio. A lot of the same great design and style of the extremely popular 15” 6UL was brought over to this all new wheel.

17″ Sizes:
17×9 – 5×100
17×9 – 5×114.3
17×10 – 5×100
17×10 – 5×114.3

17″ 6UL Features:
• 17×9: ~17.4 lbs
• Low Pressure Cast – Flow Formed – Monoblock Construction
• T6 Heat Treated
• JWL Approved
• VIA Certified 620kg
• 73.1mm Center Bore
• Double Valve Design
• Painted, Clear Coated Finish
• Center Cap Included


We are expecting the 17″ 6UL to go into production early summer, with wheels arriving in Q3 2015.
We will publish offsets as soon as they are available and begin taking pre-orders.

*These images are CAD renderings, not actual wheel photos. We will publish pictures of the wheel samples as soon as they arrive.