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Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System Released

Jackson Racing releases their new supercharger system for
2006-2011 US 1.8L Honda Civic MT and AT

Yorba Linda, California (February 18, 2013) – World leading Honda Supercharger experts Jackson Racing are proud to announce their next generation supercharger system for the Honda Civic R18 is now available from $3495USD. The power and torque delivery of the Jackson Racing Civic R18 is simply amazing. The Rotrex supercharger provides the perfect drivability and fuel economy you’ve come to love from the Civic R18, but with a huge load of horsepower and torque! The Jackson Racing R18 supercharger system is ready to take down big brother Civic Si! The supercharger system delivers an impressive 45% increase in HP and 38% increase in TQ over stock. The Jackson Racing R18 intercooler system is standard issue in each system! The intercooler system has been engineered and tested for optimum efficiency and includes fitment for both Manual and Automatic transmission R18 Civics!

The Jackson Racing Civic R18 supercharger system has been extensively tested in all weather conditions to ensure factory drivability, excellent fuel economy, and proper emissions are retained while giving a substantial boost in performance. And just like our CARB-Legal CR-Z system, the Civic R18 system meets CARB emissions standards!

“After engineering and emissions certifying the CR-Z supercharger system, the 2006-2011 Civic R18 was the next step for Jackson Racing in our quest to produce powerful, fuel efficient, emissions legal supercharger systems,” said Oscar Jackson Sr., President and Chief Engineer of Jackson Racing. “There are plenty of companies that release products with little to no testing done on them and with no emissions compliance. That’s not our style. When you buy from Jackson Racing you get over 30 years of experience in building high quality performance products and Championship winning engineering.”


Key Points:
• Up to 65 horsepower and 50 ft-lbs torque (MT-CARB Legal)
• Up to 100 horsepower and 60 ft-lbs torque (Track Pack)
• Maintains excellent fuel economy when driven normally
• Restores the performance “Honda” engine feel
• Civic Si dominating performance

System Includes:
• Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger
• Rotrex Self-Contained Oiling System with Oil Cooler
• Jackson Racing Supercharger Bracket Assembly
• Jackson Racing Belt Drive System
• Jackson Racing Precision-Engineered Hard Parts and Components
• Jackson Racing Intercooler System
• Jackson Racing Powder Coated Aluminum Piping
• Jackson Racing Silicone Hoses
• Jackson Racing Air Filter
• Jackson Racing 6 Rib Belt
• High Quality Metric Fasteners and Hardware
• Color Installation Manual
• Industry Leading Customer Service and Support


Pricing and Availability

Tune It Yourself (TIY) Kit – $3495
– Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System
– Engine Management and Fuel Injectors Not Included

Factory Tuned System – $3995
– CARB EO# D-700-1
– Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System (+65HP over Stock)
– Hondata ECU Reflash
– High Flow Fuel Injectors

FlashPro Tuner System – $4495
– CARB EO# D-700-1
– Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System (+65HP over Stock)
– Hondata FlashPro
– Jackson Racing Civic R18 FlashPro Calibration
– High Flow Fuel Injectors

Civic R18 System Options:
– Civic R18 Track Package Available (+100HP increase over Stock)

The TIY kit is ideal if you already have engine management and want to do your own tuning. This system ships at 10psi, like the Track Package.

The Factory Tuned system is our plug-n-play system. This system provides the same power and drivability as the Tuner kit without the added expense of the FlashPro tuning solution or hassle of flashing the ECU on your own. Install and enjoy.

The FlashPro Tuner system includes the Hondata FlashPro and the Jackson Racing R18 calibration. This system is ideal if you are looking for the data-rich features of FlashPro, and to learn more about your Civic R18’s ECU operation.

The Track Package includes new JR Track Pack calibration and 450cc injectors for 10psi of boost. This is the ultimate plug-n-play high performance setup for the R18.

More product details for the Jackson Racing Civic R18 Supercharger System are available online at: 
Civic R18 Supercharger System | Jackson Racing


Q: Will I need a clutch upgrade?
A: The Jackson Racing Civic R18 has done over 20,000 miles using the stock clutch. If you have an aggressive style of driving we would recommend a clutch upgrade.

Q: Will performance upgrades be available for the Jackson Racing Civic R18 systems?
A: Yes, our Track Pack will be available upon release and makes 100 HP over stock.

Q: Will you offer a kit for Asian and European owners?
A: International compatibility will be evaluated. We hope to offer an international Civic R18 option for international customers in the future.

Q: Will my Civic R18 pass emissions?
A: Our Civic R18 supercharger system has been granted a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO# D-700-1) and is legal for use in pollution controlled automobiles in the state of California. This covers the Factory Tuned and FlashPro Tuner systems ONLY.

Q: Can I get a CARB-Legal system if I already have a FlashPro?
A: Yes! You can purchase the TIY system and the CARB Upgrade Package to make a CARB system with your own FlashPro.

Q: Will I be able to adjust and custom tune the Jackson Racing FlashPro calibration?
A: The calibration provided by Jackson Racing with the FlashPro Tuner system cannot be modified.

Stock vs JRSC R18 MT – CARB System

Stock vs JRSC R18 MT – Track Package