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Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler for 2013-18 FR-S/86/BRZ

Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler
for 2013-18 Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Jackson Racing updates oil cooler system to fit 2017+ 86/BRZ

Chino, California (March 5, 2018) – The championship-winning performance experts at Jackson Racing are proud to announce updates to their popular line of cooling products, starting with the release of the Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler for the 86/BRZ platform. With added features, this kit remains at $895.00USD.

An engine oil cooler is a must have for high performance vehicles. The FA20 engine in the 86/BRZ is a finely tuned high compression engine and engine oil temperatures can spike to dangerous levels even on stock cars. The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler was developed in-house in conjunction with manufacturing partner CSF Radiators to be the ultimate solution for 86/BRZ Street and Track enthusiasts. With well over a year of development and now multiple national championships, Jackson Racing is excited to add more features to the popular 86/BRZ cooling product.

The most notable update to the Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler Kit is the new Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter, a proprietary JR design giving customers more adjustability. The new JR Oil Cooler Adapter features improved socket relief for filter screw installation and a new O-ring design to improve surface seal. With four M22 oil ports, the oil cooler lines now run to the top on the 86/BRZ application giving clearance for the 2017+ square air box. For those looking to have an additional sensor port for datalogging, 1/8” NPT M22 sensor port plugs are available as an option. The Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter is completed in new titanium grey anodized finish.

The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler is a true “drop in” all-aluminum radiator with built in oil cooler for the 86/BRZ platform. No trimming or cutting needed and installs with all OEM components. The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler includes all necessary components for engine oil connections for a true plug and play solution.
The radiator features a 31mm CSF B-Tube core, with over a 100% increase in cooling surface area. The CSF B-Tube technology boosts surface area vs standard oval tube cores by 15%. The integrated liquid to oil cooler features -10AN fittings in and out for proper flow to and from the engine.

The entire system has been put to the test on the street and track, including back-to-back SCCA National Championships with our Jackson Racing Touring 4 FR-S. We are proud to say this system works flawlessly, keeping oil temperatures within a 30ºF temperature delta, thus maintaining consistent engine performance. Thanks to the large liquid to oil cooler, engine oil is kept at the proper operating temperatures in all environments, whether it is cold startup or a hot day at the track.

Key Points:

  • Increased Cooling Capacity
  • Integrated Liquid to Oil Cooler
  • True Plug and Play Solution
  • Quicker Cold Start Oil Warm Up
  • Consistent Oil Temperatures
  • Heavily Tested
  • Championship Proven


  • 31mm CSF Racing Radiator Core
    – 100% increase in cooling surface area vs OEM
    – CSF Exclusive B-Tube Technology
    – 15% more surface area with CSF B-Tube vs standard oval tube
    – Multi-louvered fin with more surface area contact between the tubes & fins for better heat transfer efficiency
    – Factory tested
  • Integrated Liquid to Oil Cooler
    – Maintains 30ºF temperature delta with coolant
    – Thermostatically controlled via cooling system
    – Brings proper oil cooling for Street and Track enthusiasts
  • NEW Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter
    – Four M22 Ports with two -10AN fittings
    – Easy Install Socket Relief
    – Improved O-ring design
    – FA20 Spacer/Extension Screw included
    – Optional 1/8” NPT Sensor Ports
    – Titanium Grey Finish
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines
    – Pre-Assembled at Jackson Racing
    – Aeroquip OE Quality Oil Hose
    – Oetiker Clamps for peace of mind
  • Hand Polished For Mirror Finish
  • Jackson Racing 1.4bar High Pressure Cap Included
  • Industry Leading Customer Service & Support
    – 35+ Years of Proven Performance
    – Installation Manual

Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler: $895USD

Q: Do I need to add more engine oil with the oil cooler kit?

A: Yes, an additional 0.5 quart of engine oil is required when installing the Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler.

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Rotrex C38R Pre-Order



When it comes to horsepower, the bar is constantly being raised both in the OE sector but also aftermarket performance. As a natural consequence, a common request has been and still is; “a bigger supercharger”. Rotrex has over the past year been working on an upgraded version of the C38 size supercharger to meet this demand and has now reached a great milestone.

The outcome is the C38R – nearly identical size as a C38, but made for a higher power transfer and can support applications ranging up to 8 – 900 hp for a single charger setup! Current prototype impeller trim achieves more than 0.8 kg/s (105 lbs/min) and pressure ratio above 3.0! Final compressor performance will be revealed later. The design has passed automotive standards for SAE testing, similar to our standard range of C – Range superchargers.

As we are well aware that a lot of work has gone into design of applications supporting the C38 size supercharger, the new C38R has been made for a direct retrofit with identical mount dimensioning. This means that customers already using the C38 will be able to upgrade to a C38R and gain up to 30% more power. Due to the higher power level, the input has been completely redesigned and can allow up to 12 rib poly – V profile belts, enabling a high level of system durability.

The next milestone ahead is actual production of the C38R and bringing it to the market. Pre-order today to help bring this fantastic addition to the Rotrex line!

Follow the link to Pre-Order.