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CR-Z Owner Impressions

“Thanks for providing what Honda CHEATED us on.”

Meet and Greet between two Jackson Racing CR-Z Owners
Meet and Greet between two Jackson Racing CR-Z Owners

Jackson Racing Supercharged CR-Z Owners are really excited about their supercharger systems! Check out what they have been chatting about:

“Overall impression of the car is GREAT! This is how the concept of a hybrid sports car should be. Good gas mileage but very torquey and it pulls like crazy. Lets just say the traction control light come more frequently now. The car always seems to want to go faster…”

“The Jackson Racing supercharger is the best purchase I did besides the car itself. I have complete trust in the quality and the performance of JR supercharger that I had it in my car before my first service light ever went on. This kit makes the CRZ the true sport hybrid that Honda was trying to achieve. I previously owned 95 Civic EX and had the JR Eaton blower installed on my car around 15,000-20,000 miles on my engine. My civic out lasted all of my friends turbos and served as a daily driver that accumulated over 100 miles a day. I sold the car when it had 140,000 and it was still running good. I expect nothing less than the CRZ Rotrex.”
– Ken, CR-Z MT, Northern California

“My CRZ is NOW awesome, if Honda had this on the CRZ stock I can guarantee they wouldn’t be able to keep these cars in stock. Thanks for providing what Honda CHEATED us on.”

“First drive around the block I was in total awe, but when I shifted to the paddles OH MY GOSH. This supercharger on our cars is what Honda needs to beg Jackson to license to them as they have done ALL the hard work. I can guarantee if someone was on the edge about buying this car from the dealer and this is how it came from the factory it would sell itself after a test drive.”

“When I put it in sport mode and floor it its like you get sucked into the seat it and hauls. Cruising on the highway I can get up to 80 plus and not even realize how quick I did. The drive is smooth.”
– Atley, CR-Z CVT, Hawaii

“I’ve been beating on my car HARD on the “Tail of the Dragon” and had absolutely no issues working the car so hard. This SC kit is rock solid!”
“…It’s an amazing kit; once you drive one, you’ll understand!”

– Jesse, CR-Z MT, Florida

“…All the people that I have handed the keys to, they drive it come back with a smile and grin saying ‘wow’ and ‘this is bad ass I want one'”
– Raul, CR-Z CVT, Southern California

“Let’s just say my cheeks are sore from the constant grinning i’m doing!”
“…it feels like a COMPLETELY different car.”

– Ricky, CR-Z CVT, Northern California

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