15×7 Spec E30 949 Racing 6UL


• 15×7
• +15 Offset
• 4×100
• 13.1 lbs
• Spec E30
• 2 Wheel Finishes Available
• Center Cap Included
• Valves NOT Included

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The 6UL wheel is a specially designed 15″ wheel for the 4×100 bolt pattern. The 6UL is one of the most trusted track wheels in the Miata and Honda community.

The latest generation 949 Racing 6UL wheel features the same great style of all previous 6UL’s and now features a flow formed outer rim barrel for a better strength to weight ratio and lower rotational moment. The entire wheel was redesignd from ground up to further enhance controlled dissipation of loads and increase fatigue life. Most sizes will see a 10-12% reduction in weight from the Gen 3 version.

The 15×7 SE30 has been optimized specifically for Spec E30 with a thicker outer flange and thicker inner barrel. This version is hub centric for the E30.  Because of the relativley low offset, no spacers are needed for maximum track width. This also results in a nice wide lip which protects the spokes and valves in the event of car to car contact. No more shearing off valves when another car rubs you.

This wheel will not fit Hondas or Miatas


• Latest Gen 4 Design
• 15×7
• +15 Offset
• 4×100
• 13.1 lbs
• Low Pressure Cast – Flow Formed – Monoblock Construction
• T6 Heat Treated
• 57.1mm Center Bore
• VIA Certified
• JWL Approved
• TPMS Compatible
• 500kg Max Load Rated
• Double Valve Design
• Painted, Clear Coated Finish
• Center Cap Included
• Valves NOT Included


Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 11 in
Wheel Finish

Tungsten, Nickel, Bronze, Silver, Charcoal

6UL Wheel Care

• Inspect your 6UL wheels before you mount tires for the first time. A scratched wheel with a tire on it is not covered under warranty.

• Torque lugs to vehicle manufacture recommendations. If that information can not be found 85 ft-lbs (108Nm).

• After first drive on brand new 6UL wheels, re-torque once. Re-torque lugs after every track session or autocross day.

• Wash with mild soap and water. Strong degreasers will stain the wheel finish.

• Check track wheels for roundness and cracks every time you replace the tires. Track wheels get bent. New radial runout spec is .025″ lateral runout spec .015. Replace at .090 radial, .060 lateral.

• 6-8″ 6UL’s can be single plane balanced for track use. The 9″+ might require dual plane balance (weights on front & back) due to the extra width.