CR-Z Supercharger System

Jackson Racing CR-Z Supercharger System
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• CARB EO# D-700 (Factory Tuned Only)
• 50 State Emissions Legal
• 2011-2012
• 40% Increase in HP
• 38% Increase in TQ
• Silent Operation
• Performance Honda Drivability
• Maintains Excellent Fuel Economy
• Shipping Worldwide


Product Description

Changing the Game. Again and again.

The new Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid brings back memories of the much loved CR-X, but with a Hybrid twist. The new Honda IMA technology fuses Hybrid technology and performance together in the only Sport Hybrid available. But something was still lacking in Honda enthusiasts’ eyes… Power. So Jackson Racing decided to fix that.

The Jackson Racing CR-Z supercharger system picks up where Honda left off with the CR-Z. The Jackson Racing system delivers an additional 50 horsepower and 45 ft-lbs of torque, an impressive 40% increase horsepower and 38% increase in torque. Nearly 40ft-lbs of torque is gained in the mid range!

Even with these tremendous power increases, the exceptional fuel economy of the CR-Z is maintained with the Jackson Racing system. At cruise speed, the bypass valve in the system regulates the amount of boost the engine sees. But when you hit the throttle the improvement in drivability and passing capability is felt instantly. The power and torque delivery of the Jackson Racing CR-Z is perfectly balanced with the Honda IMA hybrid system to provide a smooth, strong and sporty power delivery that will make you fall in love with your Honda again.

Jackson Racing supercharger systems are true bolt-on systems and are designed to be installed with no engine modifications. No cutting, no welding, no grinding, no tapping… Jackson Racing systems install like factory components.

The CR-Z supercharger system uses the well-rounded Rotrex C30-74 supercharger unit. The patented traction drive system in the Rotrex supercharger is whisper quiet, and produces no audible hint of the new power under the hood of your Sport Hybrid. All Rotrex superchargers use a self contained oiling system, so no engine oil runs through the supercharger.

Now with such a technologically advanced car, you need to use an equally advanced engine management. Enter Hondata. The Jackson Racing CR-Z calibration has been developed with Hondata to provide a seamless driving experience. No hesitations, no hiccups, no issues… Perfect drivability, as if it came from Honda with our system.

The Jackson Racing CR-Z has gone through tough endurance testing, and has been driven over 20,000 miles in one year. The next checkbox was track time. At the 2011 Super Lap Battle, the Jackson Racing CR-Z went nearly 6 seconds faster than the previous Hybrid class record! Our only modifications for the event were: Supercharger Kit, brake pads, high performance street tires.

With the performance side of the kit complete, we went after the next challenge; Emissions. The CR-Z is an Advanced Technology-Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV), which is the cleanest gasoline engine standard. With 8 months of solid emissions lab testing, we have worked really hard to bring an emissions certified product to the CR-Z. We are happy to report, we have completed and passed all emissions lab testing and have received our Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board!

Hybrid fuel economy, high performance… We left nothing to be desired with our new Jackson Racing CR-Z system. Are you ready for the future?

Additional Information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 24 x 18 in

2011, 2012

Kit Types and Information

All Kits Include:
• Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger
• Rotrex Self-Contained Oiling System with Oil Cooler
• Jackson Racing CNC-machined Supercharger Bracket Assembly
• Jackson Racing Belt Drive and Tensioning System
• Jackson Racing Precision-Engineered Hard Parts and Components
• Jackson Racing Intercooler System
• Jackson Racing Signature Powder Coated Aluminum Piping
• Jackson Racing Silicone Hoses
• Jackson Racing Air Filter
• Jackson Racing 4 Rib Belt
• High Quality Metric Fasteners and Hardware
• Color Installation Manual
• Industry Leading Customer Service and Support

CVT Kits Include:
• Jackson Racing CVT Transmission Tubing Bracket
• Jackson Racing CVT Transmission Oil Cooler System
• Jackson Racing Dual Cooler Intercooler Bracket

CR-Z Kit Types

TIY Kit (Tune It Yourself):
• No engine management or fuel injectors included

Factory Tuned:
• CARB EO# D-700 — 50 State Emissions Legal
• Hondata CR-Z FlashPro
• Jackson Racing ECU Calibration by Hondata (Flash Drive Included)
• Factory Honda High Flow Fuel Injectors